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Domain Names

A good domain name is crucial. It needs to be short, snappy, and clearly identify who you are and if possible, what you do.

For example, joeblogsthebestplumberintheworld.co.uk is a very bad choice, joeblogs-plumbers.co.uk is a better choice. It identifies your company name, and the line of business you are in. You would be surprised at some of the domain names companies have chosen to register, and it is clear they really did not think it through.

Another consideration is the domain suffix. Sorry for the techno speak but we feel it is important you make the right choice here also. The suffix is the bit after the '.' so for itauthority the suffix is .co.uk It is important to make sure you are distinctive enough from your competitors who may have similar domain name.

If we look at the domain IT Authority using .co.uk is ok because the ITAuthority.com is used by a company based in the USA, they are not a competitor and if people go to .com instead of .co.uk they will realise there looking at the wrong company.

For a business using a common name as their company name and domain name you may also experience this problem - johnsmith.com and johnsmith.co.uk both accountants but two separate companies.

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