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Simply put, we believe this service is currently the most accurate Anti-Spam product in the world.

InterScan Messaging Hosted Security. This product is both innovative & unique using email reputation to locate senders of SPAM is the way forward. We have a product that is 99.99% accurate in that it doesn’t block legitimate email and captures almost all the SPAM mail and prevents it from being sent to you.

Each user can log into a SPAM folder hosted online to check if they wish (if they suspect an email has been blocked in error).

SPAM is becoming a huge problem and for a small annual fee we can eliminate it from your inbox. This saves you time and prevents your internet connection from being slowed down due to downloading unwanted SPAM.

It is a real-world solution for a global problem. We offer a 14 day free trial of this service so please contact us today. You will be astounded at the results.

Why not contact us today for information about the Anti Spam services we can provide.

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