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"Just a quick note to say thanks for Rob's help this morning. He certainly lived up to your claim that itauthority can sort in minutes what would take hours to do ourselves and probably end in tears of frustration."

Anti-Virus - Essential for all

It is no longer the case that Mac’s are immune to computer viruses, all computer networks are venerable.

It is a real shame but there are some people in the world who want to make money from writing computer viruses and stealing personal information and making sure your protected against these threats is vital.

With our monitored Anti Virus service we will keep a close eye on your computers and if trouble should arise you will can be safe in the knowledge that we already know about the problem and are working to fix it, many times, before you are even aware.

For our medium and larger customers we recommend the use of an in-house server based Anti Virus product, which encompasses Desktop and Server anti virus as well as protection for Microsoft Exchange Server.

We also look at all sources of viruses and protect the gateway too. (Your internet connection.)

Why not Contact us today for information about the Anti Virus products we can provide, install, configure and support.

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