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How can you offer better services to your clients using the cloud

I’ve spoken about the cloud before. Mostly about businesses moving to the cloud. I’ve pointed out it isn’t right for everyone and that it is largely dependant on internet speeds where you are.

Today, I’ve been looking at some of my online services. Service I use on a daily basis. I thought a moment discussing some of those services would be helpful to you.

You see, moving to the cloud isn’t a yes or no, you either do or you don’t strategy. I believe you probably have moved some of your data to the cloud without realising it.

Moving to the cloud is a gradual process. Its becoming clear that most people have some sort of cloud service in their lives right now.

I’m going to discuss how you can use cloud technology to improve your business on a small scale to begin with. I’m also giving two examples of how real world businesses can do just that.

So let’s look at some examples of cloud services which will help you start to see how cloud technology is capable of helping your business processes, your customers and ultimately your profits.

To do this, I’m going to start at home. Let’s learn something from the big players.

Author: Paul Howes

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