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What the SEO companies don't say

Search engine optimisation or SEO is about promoting your web site in Google and other popular search engines.

Quote of the week “If you don’t know what Yahoo is, Google it” Rickey Gevais

You probably, like me, receive regular calls from companies claiming they can put you on page 1 of Google. They really can! but what’s the point?

Let me explain. If you want to be No1 in Google for left hand blue widgets with a screw top then it isn’t difficult.

You may be reading this thinking I am No.1 in Google, I have a great SEO company. Well bravo! good for you. BUT…

Tell-tale sign – Were they cheap? or did they charge you £500 + for the keyword research?

ACID TEST – How much traffic are you getting as a result and REALITY CHECK how much money is your site making you after SEO costs?

So if that has got you thinking, here are some real questions to answer.

Author: Paul Howes

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