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How big businesses keep staff working

I based my business on the notion that truly large businesses tend to do things right. That isn’t always true but for the most it is. That is how they get there.

They find a way to serve many. They do it well, and efficiently. Their IT departments face a challenge keeping user workstations operating smoothly. How do they do it? I believe small businesses can operate their IT systems similarly and have less hassle as a result.

In this article, each of these six challenges are broken down into three simple a,b,c sections.

a) A description of the challenge

b) How do big companies do it? This section explains how bigger organisations face the challenge.

c) Smaller Business Lessons, where I give my advice on how to adapt big business methods to suit smaller businesses with a reasonable approach, achieving a balance between the goal and staying within affordable budgets.

So let’s look at these areas in more detail.

Use the right tools for the right job.


Many small businesses get this wrong by first buying the wrong kit for their needs. Some overspend drastically while others expect to be able to manipulate high resolution technical drawings on a £299.00 special offer laptop.

I could write a series of articles on this subject alone. Getting the right kit for the right job is not an easy thing. My best advice on this is most IT capital purchases, with few exceptions, should last 5 years. Not much more, because of the pace of technology, but not less. Otherwise they make a poor investment. Business is about making money not spending it but remember cheap kit will, in most cases, turn out be far more expensive in the long run.

How do the big companies do it?

Author: Paul Howes

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