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Solid State, saves the wait

Solid-State hard drives could be a cost-effective alternative rather than buying new replacement kit.

When times are hard you need to be efficient with your IT budget. This post explains the alternatives open to you if your PC or laptop is a bit tired.

So what is a solid state drive? Basically the will become common place in time as the efficiency of the manufacturing is improved. Probably within the next year most PCs and laptops will be solid state. The iPad uses a solid state drive today.

A standard hard drive has a spinning drive that spins very fast usually 7,200 RPM or up to 15,000 RPM. Solid state drives have no moving parts. They use memory chips instead. The same type of chips you use in digital camera cards. The pictures (or data) is written and stored very quickly much quicker than on standard drives.

PCs and laptops spend much of their time reading and writing data. So if the data is stored on a solid state rather standard, it improves the speed of the machine considerably.

You can replace your existing drive with one of these for around £200.00 for 160GB drive. An engineer will image your existing drive to the new solid state using specialist software. They will usually charge around £50 to do this.

We are £250 in so why not just buy a new machine? A new machine will cost around £400-£500 for a good one. The £299.00 deals are a waste of time. Then you have to buy the software again, and install it all, and before you know it you’ve spent nearly £700 as opposed to £250.00. Now if you have a number of machines it soon adds up to a significant saving.

Author: Paul Howes

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