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From IT Support Desk - IE 9 Can't View the Web page

Striaght from the support desk:

A client called today because they were unable to view a web page.

When the web page loads it doen't display properly. This is usually down to not having an up to date version of either Java or Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight etc.

However in this case the client had recently purchased a new laptop from us and it had all of the above as well as Internet Explorer 9. In both Internet explorer 8 & 9, Microsoft introduced a compatibility view.

With IE 9 if a problem is detected with a web site, then the compatibility view Icon appears at the top of the browser to the right if the website address.

Just clicking this icon allows IE to run (For this site only) in compatibility view.

This problem is caused by web sites not keeping up with the latest browser features.

We hope this helps.

Author: Support Desk

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