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Business Technical Support

Business technical support partners have to be able to solve your problems quickly, when you need them. Finding the right partner will help you to run your business and not waste time on technical issues.

This article goes through 12 key points to think about when considering your business technical support partner.

Your business technical support partner should be at least qualified to fix (we are Microsoft Gold Certified and as such part of an elite group of business technical support firms)

Some have asked me why that is important? So here are some pointers for finding the right business technical support firm to help you keep your business working.

1) If the local firm is always in your office fixing things then that isn’t a good thing. Honestly, you should rarely need to see them because your systems shouldn’t need fixing that often. If they do then your business technical support partner is letting your business down.

The way to prevent problems is to be proactive and check the systems daily. All good support partners do this and the best document what they do and make their actions known to you.

2) You most definitely should outsource this role but don’t confuse outsourcing with relinquishing responsibility. Hey, it is YOUR BUSINESS and YOU have to manage it. Delegate the role but insist on at least quarterly reports. Don’t just leave it entirely in your business technical support partners hands.

3) Using the local friendly PC fix it guy is OK in early days but what happens when they are on holiday or sick or worse die taking with them all those vital passwords and usernames for services you use such as your web site hosting details. It is vital that you use a firm rather than a single guy for resilience but even that won’t help you if they go out of business.

Author: Paul Howes

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