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How do I stop my computer sending Spam

This is a common question amongst computer users. The problem is either virus related or a security patch issue most likely to be a combination of both. Now if you are a home user it is embarrassing enough but if you are a business the reputational damage is far worse.

So first make sure all you Microsoft updates have be done. If you are not sure just go to the Microsoft web site and choose windows updates.
Then update your anti-virus software and scan again.

Finally invest in an anti-spam product that works. I will explain in more detail.
The product we use internally at IT Authority and also provide as a service is from Trend Micro and is a hosted service. The beauty of this is the SPAM email never gets downloaded to you in the first place. Now for this to work you must have your own domain name because we can’t re-direct BTinternet or Yahoo email. So long as you have [yourcompany].co.uk or .com .net or .tv etc. then we can set you up with a free trial for 14 days. So what are you waiting for? There is nothing to install on you PC either.

At time of writing we have a 100% buy up rate. Once you try it you’ll love it. We stop spam getting to your computer and we also scan email for viruses inbound and outbound. The outbound email SPAM prevention is the last line of defence but it is an effective one. This means you can’t send SPAM out by mistake any more, nor intentionally by the way.

You will be provided with a SPAM quarantine box online that you can check if you suspect a message has been blocked in error.

One of our clients works with businesses in the far East and supplies African nations such as Nigeria. As you can imagine they were receiving a lot of SPAM, 1.3 Million per week. We now block these and send on the clean email. They have not yet seen a false positive after more than a year. (This is when genuine email is blocked) This service is that good.

We block completely any know Spam locations this list is updated in real-time so as soon as someone sends a massive amount of SPAM they are blacklisted and we will not deliver any mail from them to you. This service starts at £5.00 per month subscription and can be candled with 30 days’ notice.

You might also want to talk to us about our anti-virus service as we offer a bundled deal.

Author: Paul Howes

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