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Voip For Businesses in Essex

Many businesses in Essex are looking to take advantage of Voice over IP technology, the ability to make telephone calls via the internet. There are two main reasons for making the investment.

Firstly, most business owners think they will save money. Secondly, the more forward thinking businesses will want to make full use of the technology. It’s becoming far more than just about making a phone call.

We hear more and more about the global economy and competing in a global market. One major feature of doing business globally is the 24/7 operation. Voice over IP technology can help you achieve this but there are other simple and easily implemented uses of the technology.

This simplest example is the ability to dial directly from within your contacts (dialling from Outlook) for instance or having your voicemail messages emailed to you as attachments so they can be heard from any windows mobile or Blackberry based mobile.
The simplest implementation is to use a VoIP service provider and PC based VoIP Software suck as Skype but there are limits to using such services.

Voip based telephone systems make better use by providing all the benefits of traditional phone systems plus benefits and marrying them to benefits that only voip can provide.

Author: Paul Howes

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