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TalkTalk has been hacked

TalkTalk have been hacked but they won't be the last. Users should protect themselves with two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is the best way to increase your security online.

Two stage authentication just means that as well as needing a username & password, you also need something else, for example with twitter once you switch on two-stage authentication, whenever you log into your twitter account they then text a 6-digit number to your nominated mobile.

Google also offer two factor authentication, via google authenticator app.
As do WordPress and LinkedIn to name but a few.
You should also do simple things like use different passwords for every website. If you think that is difficult to do, I have a very simple method for remembering multiple passwords without writing them down and having a different password for every website.

I made a short video explaining this method which can be found here.
How to remember passwords.

I’m not a TalkTalk customer as we provide Internet services ourselves, but my advice to anyone who is would be to change their passwords immediately on all sites where they have used the same password.

You shouldn’t use the same password on multiple sites, but if you have then change them now. Check your bank and warn your bank you are a TalkTalk customer.

Get two-stage authentication setup on all key social media accounts
DO NOT accept a call from TalkTalk if they call you, because sadly there is a possibility that you will be targeted further by fraudsters pretending to be from TalkTalk. Hang-up if you are asked for any personal information, especially your password.

REMEMBER: Banks, and service providers will NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD, if they are genuine, they can reset it without knowing it.
Keep an eye on your bank account that is used by TalkTalk.

The biggest risk is that identity theft is possible where by fraudsters can get a passport in your name or driving licence etc. So be vigilant over the next few months.

Author: Paul Howes

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