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New Exclusive Product Launched

We are proud to announce that we are launching our very own, IT Authority Cache 22 box

A collaboration of Microsoft, HP and ITAuthority. This is a small box that is designed to sit in the corner of your office and take daily images of all client PCs/Laptops.

If a PC loses it’s hard drive or becomes infected by a virus or messed up by a member of staff, with our Cache 22 that PC can be working again within 2 hours rather than a day.

The aim is to allow you to restore a workstation within an hour or two. (Depending on the amount of data). Normally, when a workstation loses it’s hard drive the process of restoring the entire machine is a long one. Even once you have installed the operating system and other applications you would still have weeks of finding all your lost favourites as well as desktop Icons and the like.

Our Storage Box will take daily, entire disk images. You would just replace the drive and boot your PC from the memory stick we provide, then restore your PC to the previous days state. Icon, favourites, desktop documents, programs the lot.

The box is priced £895.00 plus VAT and backs-up 22 workstations for up to 3 months. No server is required so this works well for small offices too. It also provides you with remote connectivity to your PCs in the office although some router configuration is required for this.

Author: Sales Team

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