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Internet Explorer 8 Released

Microsoft has released it's new version of Internet Explorer. With some Exciting new features, and some security enhancements Internet Explorer 8 aims to improve productivity on the web.

The browser wars are almost as old as the pc vs. Mac debate, and often fought just as fiercely.

Web users are bombarded with statistics and examples of how and why other Web Browsers are faster, more secure, or just better than whatever browser they are already using. This is not a comprehensive review of Web Browsers and their features, just a quick look at some of the new offerings from Microsoft.

More Secure

Building on features introduced in IE7 the Smart Screen filter helps you stay safe online alerting you to potentially unsafe websites and protecting you from websites looking to steal your data or personal information. With the new 'inPrivate' mode available you have even more control over which providers get information about your browsing activity.


Not just the speed at which a page can be displayed, the speed at which you can get tasks done. With new Web Accelerators, your just a few clicks away from every day tasks like emailing a link to a friend or getting a map, or directions to a business address.


Website not displaying correctly? Hit the compatibility button and IE will reload your page in compatibility view to show you how it would look in an older browser.

Lost your work?

Have you ever been in the middle of browsing , with lots of different windows or tabs open, only to suffer a pc crash? The task of opening up all those windows again has no doubt put you off for a few hours, or made you feel rather angry! Fear not, with session recovery, if your browser stops unexpectedly, the next time you open, your sites will be restored.

Author: Robert Pearman

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