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Vista Service Pack 2 arrives

Windows Vista Service pack 2 were released on the 25th of may, offering more improvements in application compatibility and reliability, as well as the obligatory security updates, what does it’s release mean for you?

Service pack 2 for Windows Vista will combine all the available updates to the Operating system since the release of Service pack 1, as well as offering support for emerging hardware standards, such as Bluetooth 2.1 and also the ability to record data to Blu-Ray disc media.

Other improvements are made to Vista’s search capability, building on Microsoft’s already impressive search capability, Windows Search 4.0 allows for improved indexing , document previewing and faster searching for your other media files, like pictures or mp3’s.

Windows Search 4.0 also runs as a service (in the background) and it is available to other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft OneNote.

Service Pack 2 is also available for Windows Server 2008, as part of Microsoft’s product alignment strategy both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 will be patched simultaneously. The improvements for Server 2008 include better options for network management using Microsoft’s group policy, and most impressive, the inclusion of ‘Hyper-V’, Microsoft’s virtualisation environment, which will now be included as a fully integrated feature of Server 2008.

Service Pack2 includes a pre-installation analyser which will detect incompatible hardware drivers, and either prevent the installation or warn users of any potential loss of functionality.

In our own testing Sp2 has deployed seamlessly and has caused no issues whatsoever.
SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 represents Microsoft’s continuing commitment to quality. While most updates contained in SP2 are available as individual downloads, the roll-up convenience of SP2 is a major benefit for administrators and users alike. The improved functionality, and advanced installation options demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to the ongoing improvement of their software.

Author: Robert Pearman

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